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Hermione by Lav987 Hermione :iconlav987:Lav987 87 11 Harry Potter Meme by CoffeeVulture Harry Potter Meme :iconcoffeevulture:CoffeeVulture 37 75 Dramione- Fireflies by marsipan312 Dramione- Fireflies :iconmarsipan312:marsipan312 398 42
The head perfect room where( Ch. 3 of M.T.A.S.C)
I don't own these characters J.K. Rowling does.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Hermione's P.O.V.
We were on the seventh floor when I realized where we were heading.
"Professor, why are we heading to the Room of Requirements?" I asked and felt Draco squeeze my hand.
"We are heading to your common room, Miss. Granger." Professor McGonagall replied.
"Our common room is in the Room of Requierments?" Draco asked just as confused as I was.
"Yes." was all the McGonagall said.
"But it was burned down last year during the war. Draco and I both saw it." I said.
By then we were standing outside the spot where the Room of Requirements should be, and Professor McGonagall turned to face us.
"It's called the Room of Requirements because it has many different rooms. You two only saw one room get destroyed. But it still has many other room. But this year I have made it to where the Room of Requirements will be your common room and that alone. So there will only be us three allo
:iconlostinmyworld367:lostinmyworld367 2 0
Mature content
Head-boy and Head-girl (More then a second chance) :iconlostinmyworld367:lostinmyworld367 1 5
More Then A Second Chance: a Draco/Hermione story
I don't own the charactors J.K. Rowling does and she is a wonderfull person
Okay so this is just the begining of it there will be more don't worry just leave comments to tell me what you think of it and its rating is PG13 so there will be language in it ohh and I am thinking of doing a sex scene just to let you all know ahead of time and I wont tell you when exept at the very begining of the chapter that it will be on. Ohh and if you like it please recomend it to others.
Draco got a letter in the mail from Hogwarts asking, when he came back to the school for his seventh year, if he would mind becoming head-boy. The war was over and he realised that this was Proffessor McGonagall's way of giving his a second chance. He sent an owl telling her that he would be honored to become head-boy. But what he didn't know was more then Proffessor McGonagall was going to be giving him a second chance.
Hermione was happy she just got
:iconlostinmyworld367:lostinmyworld367 3 0
Malfoy x Hermione daughter by J-Dove Malfoy x Hermione daughter :iconj-dove:J-Dove 20 2 Poison || dramione by DayDreamingGal7 Poison || dramione :icondaydreaminggal7:DayDreamingGal7 11 3
Heart of Gold and Green- Dramione Fanfic Ch. 3
Hermione was mortified.  She could just die.  In fact, she almost wished Snape would just hand her a vile of Draught of Living Death and put her out of her misery.  Nothing could be worse than working with that vile, evil, spoiled brat!
Draco smirked at the look of horror on Hermione Granger's face.  Seeing how discusted and enraged she looked almost made it worth it.  Until it sunk in.   He was working with Hermione Granger.  The Mudblood who hung out with his worst enemy!  The girl who had punched him in third year! Draco shuddered.  oh well.  At least he'd be able to have a little fun torturing Granger.  He looked over at Hermione, smirking.
"Well, Partner.  Looks like it's just you and me.  Meet me in the library at 7 tonight."  And with that, he left, before Hermione could even get a word of protest out.
"Tough break, Hermione," Ron
:iconleahbellarose:LeahBellaRose 5 4
Heart of Gold and Green- Dramione Fanfic Ch. 2
She ran her hands through his hair and looked up into his eyes, chocolate brown meeting cool grey.  Her hair fell down out of her bun, and she smiled slightly, a secret, shy smile meant only for him.  Her warm lips wrapped gently around his when-
Draco woke up with a start.   What...the...fuck? he thought.  He'd had a dream about a girl.  He'd had plenty of dreams about girls before, many very...satisfying.  However, none had ever been about that...that mudblood Hermione Granger!  He through the covers off of him angrily and realized no one else was in the Slytherin dorm.  He looked at his watch and realized he had five minutes to get dressed before class.
After getting dressed with his crisp Slytherin robes, Draco walked out and down into the dungeons.  He smiled when he felt the cool dungeon draft ruffle his perfectly mussed hair.  He had Potions first, his fav
:iconleahbellarose:LeahBellaRose 6 1
Heart of Gold and Green- Dramione Fanfic Ch. 1
Hermione Granger walked hesitently into the restricted section of the library.  She had never been there before.  She had permission, but it was still strange, almost as if she shouldn't be there.  She grabbed the book she was looking for, and hurried into the regular section of the library.  She was been doing research for Care of Magical Creatures.  Not that she particularly enjoyed learning about especially dark, dangerous animals, but Hagrid had offered an extra credit assignment.  Speaking of dangerous creatures....
"Well look who it is," a cool voice droned.  Hermione Granger looked up to see a familiar blonde haired, grey eyed face sneering down at her.
She sighed.  "What do you want, Malfoy?" she asked, annoyed.
"I was wondering what you're doing in the restricted section of the library."
"That's for me to know, and you to not," she retorted.  "Why do you care, anyway?"
"Professor Snape se
:iconleahbellarose:LeahBellaRose 9 1
Dramione .color. by ladysugarquill Dramione .color. :iconladysugarquill:ladysugarquill 15 0 Frowny Draco for Potterwalk by ladysugarquill Frowny Draco for Potterwalk :iconladysugarquill:ladysugarquill 7 0
The Halloween Costume Ball Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Next morning, when Hermione came into the Great Hall, it was pretty loud and of course, there was only one topic. The ball!
Annoyed, she sighed and sat down opposite of Harry and Ron. Both of them were also talking about this event and Hermione's eyes narrowed to slits.
"Don't you know any other topic of discussion?" she snapped at them. Half the table turned around to stare at her.
"But Hermione..." George began, grinning.
"...the ball is the event of the year!" Fred ended and grinning from ear to ear.
"Yes, but there isn't any reason to make such a big fuss about it..." the brunette contradicted and turned to her breakfast. She wasn't in the mood for discussing this further and possibly even starting a fight.
It just wasn't worth it.
"What's wrong, Hermione?" Ron inquired and looked at her expectantly.
"Well, guess what's wrong? The ball's probably going to be just a fiasco like in fourth year," she snapped and stood up abruptly. The memories of that ball were still fresh.
:iconclairimausi:clairimausi 11 8
The Halloween Costume Ball
The Halloween Costume Ball
Chapter 1: A Halloween Costume Ball!?
"Halloween?" Hermione asked incredulously and stared at Ginny, who was totally pumped up.
"Yes! It's a costume party. Everyone will be dressed up, so that nobody knows who they are, and then they're split up into pairs by the teachers to participate in the ball," the redhead explained. Hermione wasn't sure if she should be happy about this whole affair.
"The teachers decide which people go to the ball together?" she asked, puzzled.
That would never go well. She could already see Dumbledore grinning mischievously while picking out random, bizarre couples, so they could go to the ball together. She could almost feel Dumbledore's anticipation.
She sighed wearily.
With whom would she have to go to the ball? And would she get along with him?
Would she recognize him?
"Yes, the Heads of Houses and Dumbedore decided that all the couples will be mixes of the four Houses," Ginny continued explaining. Hermione's eyes widened.
:iconclairimausi:clairimausi 17 4
Dramione Draco Malfoy Hermione Granger by jaxxipants
Mature content
Dramione Draco Malfoy Hermione Granger :iconjaxxipants:jaxxipants 94 4


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